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IR35 Contractors

Definition of IR35

IR35 is the term commonly used to denote the UK tax legislation which is designed to identify cases of “disguised employment” and tax the income arising in a manner similar to employment income. We are PCG Accredited Accountants who can provide a service to review your contract with IR35 in mind and to suggest compliant options.

Deciding Factors

There is much to consider in determining whether a contractor is within the IR35 legislation. Over the past few years there have been a number of decided tax cases which have provided evidence and information on the most important factors to consider when determining IR35 status. We have extensive experience in reviewing contracts to see if the contract falls within or outside of IR35.

IR35 is a vast topic and one that you may have to consider. The consequences of getting it wrong can be severe so it is vital that you seek the advice of an accountant who has expertise in this field.

Example Contracts

We also have an extensive database of contracts that can be used for your engagement with either your agency or direct with your customer.